Installing and configuring xdebug in Ubuntu

Debugging PHP
Debugging PHP

Xdebug is a tool used to debug PHP scripts. It is used as an extension to get debugging information. To get more information about Xdebug go to .

Installing and configuring xdebug in Ubuntu is easier with inbuilt package available.

After successfully installing xdebug package in your server, you need configure xdebug to make it work. It is often done with the configuration file.  Goto


Add the following entries

After adding the these entries just restart your webserver. If it is apache, just execute the following command.

Now your PHP scripts are available for debugging. Use your favourite editor like Netbeans to debug the PHP scripting files .  Netbeans displays all the debugging information provided by Xdebug.

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  1. Gee, when i saw what you blog my brain went spinning. But I currently use Ubuntu, so if I get into trouble, I may find a use in you!

    Hey, have a lovely day my friend, Cheers!!

    1. Ubuntu is open source and free operating system. Lighter version of Ubuntu Lubuntu gives the look and feel of working like in Windows. Always we can keep in mind that there’s a free alternative to Microsoft Windows available.

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